The program consists of a 3 day course
and 2x times a 1,5 day session

Become your local 1'Fit trainer, Learn to work with a series of useful exercises that can be used for all levels of intensity in order to develop strength, flexibility and relaxation. courses are open for managers, teachers, performing artists, massage therapists and any other health therapy education seeking person. For all age groups, a practical approach to rejuvenation, health and well being.

Become a certified One Minute Fit instructor and always have exersizes ready - at the workfloor, while traveling, when waiting, when working in groups or teams. Just tap into a wealth of stored energy that lays inside you waiting to be awakened and applied. Acces your inner strenght, release blockage and let the energy flow freely.

Training days: 1x3 days and 2x1,5 day sessions give basic certification hours. Including material, coaching instructions. Topics: Body reading, Applied technology, use of chairs, tables, shopping cart or desk or steering wheel. How to engage your collegues. How to apply One Minute Fit for the business environment. Possibilities for Web learning for details.

If you are interested in learning more about
the background of Health & Wellbeing consider
having a look at these books:

Pilates Brooke Siler
Contrology J Pilates
Polarity Dr Stone
Being in the now - e Tolle