One Minute Fit

One Minute Fit is a method that can help you
built and/ or sustain the overall health of your
body. The series of exercises are developed to
enhance physical strength and flexibility and
improve deep relaxation.

The One Minute Fit routines can be performed
at any time and at any place in regular clothing.
There are postures for; Standing up, Sitting
down or Lying Flat on the ground. Exercises are
developed around; Building Strength, Improving
Flexibility and experiencing deepened Relaxation.
The exercises take one minute each.

One Minute Fit can be performed by all persons
alike, all ages, all levels. Performer decides the
level of intensity and maximum input.

One Minute Fit is a series of exercises that can
be done while traveling, riding on a bus, car or
airplane. However also during meetings, at the
desk, while walking or even when waking up or
going to bed.