My one minute fit

Welcome, this is the way for you to get a personal connection to the One Minute Fit system.

If you have any physical complaints or you feel you can improve with the right personal exersizes, we hereby invite you to contact us. We offer a FREE set of personally customized excersizes, to perform at your convenience and IMPROVE your Health & Wellbeing with easy to perform one minute exercises, which will strengthen, lengthen and/or relax your body.

We kindly invite you contact us at: with:

Your Name,
Your Mailaddress,
The City and Country were you live,
Your age, Gender and your line of work.

We will respond as soon as we can and keep you posted on new offers and news concerning One Minute Fit CD's, new free available clips, our online app that is currently being developed.

Thank you and lets get moving One Minute at a time on to feeling Fit.

"Your body is more then a vehicle to get your head from meeting to meeting".